Prince Rock Dog Training and Agility Club

Dog Training

So what happens when I turn up ?

Your first class will initially involve a discussion with one of our trainers. This will help you understand how the classes work, and will also allow the trainer to register the dog and get an understanding of any specific problems you're having. Following this discussion, you'll join the class which is in progress for the remainder of that lesson.

Remember, for some dogs, this may be the first time they've been presented with a large group of other dogs, and this is an important step in their learning. Understandably, both you and your dog may be somewhat nervous or excited at this stage, and as far as your dog is concerned this can show itself at either end, by barking at one end or wetting at the other (don't worry, we're quite used to this and mops are to hand !). Try and listen carefully to what your class trainer is saying, and follow their instructions. At this stage, your dog will remain on the lead.

In your first few weeks, expect to concentrate on basic obedience - sits, down, heelwork on the lead. As your dog progresses, you may be asked to move up a class, where you undertake more advanced techniques, for example the basics of retrieve, the finish, recalls from longer distances.

Finally, and with much practice, your dog may get to the top class - here you will learn send aways, scent techniques, distance work and stay work whilst you leave the room.

All dogs progress at different speeds, and your trainer will assess when your dog is ready to move on. However, there are two things we cannot stress enough if you want to progress - one is PRACTICE AT HOME, and the other is LISTEN CAREFULLY TO YOUR TRAINER ! Dogs can learn very quickly if they are regularly practicing the techniques that you have picked up in your training class. They can also learn as quickly how to do something wrong ! So it's very important to listen very carefully to your trainer during the class, and then continue to work with your dog during the week using the skills you've learned.